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Didier Verna

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Name: Didier Verna

Bio: Didier Verna has a Ph.D. and an habilitation in Computer Science, and is currently working as a professor for EPITA, a private Computer Science university located in Paris. He gives or has given lectures on Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Object-Oriented, Functional Programming and Typesetting. His main research interests are multi-paradigm approaches to genericity and performance.

Didier Verna is the president of the European Lisp Symposium steering committee and serves or has served as a program committee member in various conferences (International Lisp Conference, European Lisp Symposium, Dynamic Languages Symposium, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Onward!, Context-Oriented Programming workshop etc. ).

Didier Verna is also quite involved in free software: he was one of the core maintainers of XEmacs for more than 15 years, a contributor to Gnus and BBDB, and an occasional contributor to other Free Software projects (the GNU Autotools most notably; he was one of the technical reviewers for the “Goat Book”). He is the author of several LaTeX packages and Common Lisp libraries.

All of this is in fact half-true: two days a week, Didier Verna drops his scientific hat and wears the semi-professional Jazz musician one instead (he has released 3 albums with his quartet). He also is a certified Aikido teacher, and gives coaching sessions on the theme “Aikido and Conflict Management” for large companies.

Country: France

Affiliation: EPITA / LRDE

Personal website: https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~didier

Twitter: https://twitter.com/didierverna

GitHub: https://github.com/didierverna

Research interests: Programming Languages


SPLASH 2021 EPITA / LRDE in Onward! Steering Committee within the Onward! Papers-track
EPITA / LRDE in Onward! Steering Committee within the Onward! Essays-track
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