Sun 17 - Fri 22 October 2021 Chicago, Illinois, United States

The first international workshop on “Beyond Code: No Code,” (BCNC 2021) targets one of the most engaging topics currently spanning the software engineering community.

The No Code movement is making its way through all industries, saving time, empowering workers, and creating new possibilities. No Code is changing the software industry by accelerating development and opening up opportunities for less tech-savvy individuals to create life-changing products.

BCNC 2021 brings together the best in the field to share their knowledge and expertise and raise that standard of what could be achieved. Industrial experts as well academics join to present the frontier and show us a glimpse of the future.

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Sun 17 Oct

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10:50 - 12:10
BCNC Session 2BCNC at Zurich G
Chair(s): Ahmed ElBatanony Innopolis University, Giancarlo Succi Innopolis University
The Pareto Distribution of Software Features and No-Code
Ahmed ElBatanony Innopolis University, Giancarlo Succi Innopolis University
Link to publication DOI
Is Neural Machine Translation Approach Accurate Enough for Coding Assistance?
Yuka Akinobu Japan Women's University, Momoka Obara Japan Women's University, Teruno Kajiura Japan Women's University, Shiho Takano Japan Women's University, Miyu Tamura Japan Women's University, Mayu Tomioka Japan Women's University, Kimio Kuramitsu Japan Women's University
Towards the No-Code Era: A Vision and Plan for the Future of Software Development
Ahmed ElBatanony Innopolis University, Giancarlo Succi Innopolis University
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Call for Papers

The scope of this workshop is the development and deployment of No Code tools. This workshop is aimed at developers and software engineers, as well as, User Experience (UX) researchers. The goal of the workshop is to showcase the latest developments methods and techniques in the field of No Code software.

We expect papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • No Code tools
  • Development of No Code software
  • Automation using No Code tools
  • User Experience (UX) research for No Code tools
  • AI-assisted development
  • Market research, projections, and predictions
  • Literature reviews on No Code
  • Case studies of No Code businesses
  • Visions of the future of No Code
  • Open Source for No Code tools

The workshop is oriented towards the practical and concrete application and development of No Code tools. Nevertheless, theoretical research is welcome.

Format and Submission

The following kinds of papers are accepted:
  • Full papers: up to 10 pages, including references
  • Vision papers: up to 4 pages, including references
  • Experience reports: up to 6 pages, including references

Authors are invited to submit their papers in PDF using the submission system at https://bcnc21.hotcrp.com/.

Submissions should use the ACM SIGPLAN Conference acmart Format with ‘sigplan’ Subformat, 10 point font.

If you are formatting your paper using LaTeX, you will need to set the 10pt option in the \documentclass command. Please include page numbers in your submission with the LaTeX \settopmatter{printfolios=true} command.

Questions? Use the BCNC contact form.